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What’s best? Traditional or Modern?

When I was studying upholstery, there was a certain snobbery surrounding the use of traditional techniques in upholstery. In my class, anyway, it was considered the superior method for putting together furniture. These days, with a few years under my belt, I mostly tackle chairs using modern upholstery techniques and my trusty pneumatic stapler, but […]

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The Great Upholstery Tweet Up 2015

Back in 2014 I had a dream that I met up with some Upholsterers. Without going in to detail (apparently other people’s dreams are very boring!!), upon waking I decided to tweet them all. To my pleasant surprise they all tweeted what a good idea it would be to meet up and we got set on […]

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I’m featured in this months Red Magazine (Jan 2013). Yay! If you were ever wondering how I got in to upholstering and vintage fabrics then all is explained…

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As some of you may know I upload my vintage fabric finds to Flickr every week. Sometimes I’ll write a little something about the textile if it has the manufacturer or designer printed on the selvedge, but in general most of the fabrics have been cut and are unidentifiable. What I LOVE about Flickr is […]

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